Maintenance & Assets Division

There are a few points a divorce lawyer would have to ascertain on the issues of maintenance and assets division.

  • Firstly, for the issue of maintenance, should the party file an MSS prior to the divorce proceedings. What are the tactical advantages ?
  • Secondly, the quantum of maintenance to ask for or to agree to give.
  • Thirdly, whether the clients’s instructions are supportable by the documents or are realistic.

It is unwise to file a MSS complaint without sight of all the supporting documents and without a detailed computation of the expenses and means of both parties.

For matrimonial assets division, a list of all assets should be itemised, whether held in sole or joint names. Occasionally, the assets are held in the names of third parties. If these are matrimonial assets, such assets would also be subject to division. There are other issues to be discussed, as parties’ contributions whether direct or indirect, financial or otherwise which our lawyers can discuss and advise in further detail.

If you are unable to afford a lawyer, you should seek legal aid (if you qualify), at the Legal Aid Bureau. The Family Justice Court Website provides a very detailed write up on the procedure at www.familycourtof

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