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The costs for a simple Will through online instructions start from $180/-. The cost for a more complex one will be higher.

Simple will at S$180/-
Our definitions for a simple will:
1 Executor
1 Beneficiary
All assets to the said beneficiary.
The testator must be Singaporean and domiciled in Singapore.

Please proceed to Wills Online section and submit the online form for us to ascertain whether your intended Will is deemed to be a simple Will.The quote will be sent to you once all information has been transmitted the information to us. We may require more information from you (via telephone conversations) before giving a quote. Please provide a contact number for us to reach you. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed further.

The Will will also be interpreted and translated to you in the preferred language before execution before our solicitors. Subsequently, if there is any dispute, the relevant solicitor or solicitor’s clerk could be located to give evidence on the compliance of the Will in accordance with the Wills Act.

The quote for professional fees usually does not include any searches or disbursements incurred, an eg title search on the immovable properties to ascertain the mode of co–ownership, or interpretation to other languages (other than Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien & Cantonese).

Our solicitor and his/ her clerks can attend at your home or office or at the hospital at an agreed attendance fee, be depending on time, location, urgency etc). In some instance, we would also suggest or arrange for a doctor to be present and examine the testator and confirm his or her testamentary capacity. Such additional services can be provided at additional costs.