Drafting Wills, explaining contents and attending to execution at our office, at clients’ premises, at the hospital. Different charges apply for attendances outside office.

  • Providing 2 witnesses (2 senior lawyers or 1 senior lawyer and 1 paralegal)
  • Wills drafting for foreigners with assets in Singapore.
  • Acting as Professional Trustees
  • Application for Grant of Probate
  • Application for Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Re-sealing of Foreign Grants
  • Procuring Affidavit of Foreign Law.
  • Liaising with creditors for estate in some instances.
  • Attendance at coroners’ inquiry.
  • Citation proceedings.
  • Lodgement of caveat
  • Challenging validity of Wills, and defending the same.
  • Removal of Executors.
  • Application to Court for various matters under Part 14 of the Family Justice Act (Probate Proceedings)
  • Family Law Matters (further elaboration upon request)
  • Criminal Law Matters (further elaboration upon request)

Other services